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Riot gear in-depth analysis: types, functions and usage considerations

Riot gear

Riot gear

Bulletproof vest:

Hard bulletproof vests and soft bulletproof vests.
Function: Hard bulletproof vests are usually made of metal or ceramic plates to resist penetration by high-speed bullets, while soft bulletproof vests use multiple layers of special fiber materials that can slow down the impact of bullets and prevent penetration.
Precautions for use: Make sure to choose a bulletproof vest that meets safety standards and replace it regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, make sure the vest covers your core when wearing it, but also consider comfort and flexibility.

Bulletproof helmets, anti-impact helmets, etc.

Function: Bulletproof helmets usually use reinforced materials such as polymer composites or metal, which can withstand gunshots, explosions, etc. Anti-impact helmets focus on reducing impact force and protecting the head from collision injuries.
Precautions for use: Choose a helmet that fits the size and shape of your head, making sure it fits your head snugly but not too tight. Check your helmet regularly for cracks or damage and keep it clean.


protective glasses, masks, etc.

Function: Protective glasses can prevent dust, chemicals and solid particles from damaging the eyes, while the mask provides more comprehensive facial protection.
Precautions for use: Make sure to choose goggles or masks that meet safety standards and keep them clean. When in use, make sure that goggles or face shields do not obscure or block vision and interfere with work or movement.

Stab-resistant gloves:

Metal mesh gloves, knitted stab-resistant gloves, etc.
Function: Anti-stab gloves are made of special materials and can prevent the penetration of sharp objects such as knives and needles.
Precautions for use: Choose puncture-resistant gloves that fit your hand size and comfort, and make sure the gloves are not damaged or worn. When using, be careful to avoid puncturing the gloves with sharp objects.
Leggings/knee pads:

Hard leggings, soft kneepads, etc.

Function: Leg and knee pads provide extra protection to protect legs and knees from impacts and falls.
Precautions for use: Choose leg and knee pads of appropriate size and ensure stable fixation. When using, make sure the leg and knee pads are in the correct position and do not affect movement and flexibility.

One-handed shield, two-handed shield

Function: The shield provides full body or partial area protection and is used to block flying objects, resist impacts and protect personnel.
Precautions for use: Master the correct usage method to maintain the stability and balance of the shield. Make sure the surface of the shield is clean to ensure clear vision.

Anti-riot clothing:

Full set of anti-riot clothing and partial protective equipmentFunction: Anti-riot clothing can provide full-body protection, including stab resistance, bullet resistance and chemical protection.
Precautions for use: Ensure appropriate size when wearing, and do not affect movement and mobility. Check clothing regularly for damage or wear and replace it promptly.
The above is a more detailed classification, function and usage precautions for various anti-riot equipment. The safety and effectiveness of riot gear can be maximized through careful selection, proper wear and regular maintenance.

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