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M88 Bulletproof Helmet: Superior Protection in the Line of Duty

When it comes to personal safety in high-risk situations, having reliable protective gear is of utmost importance. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, an armed forces member, or a security professional, having a reliable bulletproof helmet can significantly enhance your safety and well-being.

Features and Construction

The M88 Bulletproof Helmet is designed meticulously to provide enhanced protection against firearm projectiles. Its sturdy construction consists of a helmet shell, chin strap, and helmet top suspension system, all crafted from high-quality PE material. Weighing in at just 1.35kg, this helmet offers superior comfort and maneuverability without compromising on its protective capabilities.

Bulletproof Performance

One notable aspect of the M88 Bulletproof Helmet is its impressive bulletproof performance. This helmet is specially designed to effectively prevent the shooting of 54 type 7.62mm pistol 51 type 7.62 mm pistol bullets within a specified range. It is classified as a level two bulletproof helmet, which means it can withstand significant force and impact.

To test its durability, the helmet is subjected to multiple shooting scenarios, including shots from the front, back, left, right, and top of the head. At a distance of 5 meters, the helmet should be able to block the warhead in the case of five effective hits, with the bullet mark height on the helmet shell not exceeding 25mm.

Environmental Suitability

In addition to its outstanding bulletproof performance, the M88 Bulletproof Helmet is also designed to withstand various environmental conditions. Extensive testing has been conducted to ensure its suitability in immersion, high temperature, and low temperature scenarios. Even after immersion, exposure to high or low temperatures, the helmet maintains its structure without any cracks on the surface. This feature ensures that the helmet’s ballistic performance remains intact, providing the wearer with continuous protection.

Customizability and Operative Norms

Customizability is another standout feature of the M88 Bulletproof Helmet. While it is available in army green, tan brown, and black, it can also be customized according to individual preferences or large order requirements. This option allows users to have a helmet that not only fulfills their safety needs but also matches their unique style and preferences.

Operative norms, as defined by the NIJ IIIA, govern the M88 Bulletproof Helmet’s design and manufacturing processes. This ensures that the helmet adheres to strict quality standards, offering users peace of mind in knowing that they are investing in a reliable piece of protective gear.

Packaging and Logistics

When it comes to packaging and logistics, the M88 Bulletproof Helmet is designed for convenience. With a compact packing specification of 494828CM per carton, it can easily be transported without hassle. Each carton contains 10 helmets, making it efficient for distribution on a larger scale.

In conclusion, the M88 Bulletproof Helmet stands out as a superior choice in high-risk situations where personal safety is paramount. With its exceptional bulletproof performance, reliable construction, and customization options, this helmet offers users the highest level of protection without compromising comfort. Designed to withstand various environmental conditions and adhering to stringent quality standards, the M88 Bulletproof Helmet is a reliable companion in ensuring safety and security in the line of duty.