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red lightweight netting reversible military camouflage net

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  • hifa
  • lightweight netting
Product Description

If you often take part in adventurous outdoor activities, then this desert camo netting can come in handy. Use it to create a den or for camouflage when hunting out in sandy coloured fields?Great For Decoration, Backdrops Etc.

Desert Camouflage net/sand camo net/beige camo net /beach bar net


1-The entire net is cut in waves which break up the net into an effective visual barrier.

2-Camouflage nets can be used to hide everything from men to tanks,jeeps,tents and bunkers.

3-We aim to provide you with a fully professional,military style, camouflage system suitable for a wide range of terrain types and conditions.

4-A system for breaking up your outline,disrupting your landscape and disguising objects beyond the ability of eyesight of man,beast or bird.

5-Features include reversable green or brown color combinations.

A very long history to manufacture the camouflage netting fabric to supply military activity and civil activity use.

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Xiamen Hifa Stonexp Co.,Ltd is established in the year of 2008, as government authorized manufacturer and exporter of military logistic and security products. The major products are :Military and Police Uniform and accessories ,camouflage net and camouflage suit, body armour and helmets, Mobile Field Kitchen Equipment and Accessories.



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