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mobile field kitchen trailer for military food catering

  • Fujian, China
  • catchin
  • XC-150
  • -30℃~42℃
  • 1990mm
  • Stainless Steel Food Cart
  • 150 person meals
  • JD150
Company Information

Our campany :

Xiamen Hifa Stonexp Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008.We have been producing and supplying military and police garment , footwear,anti-riot equipment,bulletproof equipment,camping equipment.

We also supply caps,hats and berets,garment accessories, sweater,bag,knapsack and pouch,raincoat and poncho,tactical gear,clothes..etc for army and/or police all over the world.With more than 20 manufactories we own and co-operate locate inland China as solid base.

Cathin Brand Mobile Field Kitchen Trailers

Professional Manufacturer of Mobile Field Kitchen Trailers and logistics equipments .PLA major and leading supplier in China . Moden technology equipment and special mold for logistic kitchen equipments.

Product Description


Main technical parameters :

It is made up of chassis, staple , no-staple food processing equipment, tent ,stove(gas oven), blower , chimey , multi-purpose working table , cooking stove, kitchen utensils and the other tools

  1. Total mass:1850KG
  2. Exterior dimensions(L x W x H) : 4200mm x 2400mm x 2400mm
  3. Elevation : 2500m
  4. Working capability:it can finish staple,non-staple food processing for 150 persons by four operators in an hour
  5. it can use diesel, gasonline,coal and wool as fuel
  6. Conditions of use :
    1. temperature : -30°C~42°C
    2. Under force 7 wind
    3. Weather:Sunny, overcast , rainy , snowy
  7. ground clearance for the mobile kitchen : 340mm

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Xiamen Hifa Stonexp Co.,Ltd is established in the year of 2008, as government authorized manufacturer and exporter of military logistic and security products. The major products are :Military and Police Uniform and accessories ,camouflage net and camouflage suit, body armour and helmets, Mobile Field Kitchen Equipment and Accessories.



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