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R2 3 Color Mode Tactical Flashlight Night fire-Light

  • Fujian, China
  • HIFA
  • TL*122
  • 3
  • military camouflage
  • Incandescent Bulbs
  • Alkaline battery

*70% brighter Krypton beam

*Strong body,unbreakable

*Unbreakable lens

*Handy for camping and military use

*Hanging ring for conveniently carrying

NIGHT fire warrants that the enclosed flashlight will be free from all defects in materials and workmanship for the entire fife of zhe flashlight.this warranty does not cover fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident.

unreasonable use or modifications of zhe products. We will either repair or replace this flashlight without charge if the flashlight should prove defective and is sent to your NIGHT FIRE office. Please note however that this warranty is in addition to your statutory righht.


Xiamen Hifa Stonexp Co.,Ltd is established in the year of 2008, as government authorized manufacturer and exporter of military logistic and security products. The major products are :Military and Police Uniform and accessories ,camouflage net and camouflage suit, body armour and helmets, Mobile Field Kitchen Equipment and Accessories.



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