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Pine Needles Camouflage Net Woodland Camo Netting Hunting Blind Camo net

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Product Description

Pine Needles Camouflage Net, hunting blind, easy operation, ideal for hunting, blinding and decoration with billion usages

This Woodland Hunting Blind/ Pine Needles Camouflage Net is based on synthetic threads tying on the ultra dense polyester basic net (mesh size: 3.5x 3.5cm). It looks just like the pine needles and little grass, lightweight, durable, 100% non-toxic and friendly to the environment. Treated with UV protection, thermal infrared reduction and Rot/Mould resistance. Each net is edge wrapping and attached with ropes around for tying and connection.


1. It's vivid 3-D characteristics help you easily blend into surrounding background.
2. The TIR signature can reduce detection in all climate conditions and blocks substantial thermal energy transmitted by the soldier.
3.This camonet allows to add different vegetaions on it to to suit individual needs.
4. The size, pattern and colors of this camouflage net can be customized to the end-users wishes.

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