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Military Armed Mobile Field Kitchen Trailer XC-150

  • Fujian, China
  • Catchin
  • XC-150
  • 1990mm
  • 3 years
  • -30℃~42℃
  • outdoor camping, military field

Product Description

1. Main Structure Features

The kitchen trailer has the features of ground operation, adjustable traction height, traction suitable for various kinds of vehicles, good synchronous performance due to introduce the inertial brake system, fast unfolding and drawing-in of the tent, non-scorching appearance due to adopt inner immersion method for cooking rice.

2. Main Parameters and Performances

2.1 Main parameters

Total weight of the whole vehicle: 1800kg

Minimum height to be away from ground: 340mm

Overall dimensions: 4000x2250x2420mm

Wheelbase: 1990mm

Angle of departure: 25°

Depth of ford: 500mm

Model of tyre: 7.5016

Load of draw ring: 75kg

Height above seal level for suitable area: 2500m

2.2 Main Operating Performances

(1) Varieties to be processed are mainly cooked rice, fired dish and cooked soap;

(2) Operated by four cooks, they can prepare the meals of 150 person-share staple and non-staple food;

(3) Use many fuels such as oil, coal or firewood, etc.;

(4) This product can be used in following environments;

(a) Temperature: -30~42,

(b) Wind speed: below class 7 wind,

(c) Weather: sunny days, rainy days and snowy days.

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