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MFK-250 XC-250 Field Kitchen Trailer Burner system folding Camping stove

  • Fujian, China
  • Catchin
  • camping stove
  • cooking stove bunner system
  • military field camping , MFK250 PARTS
  • Diesl camping stove outdoor
  • diesl oil
  • MFK250,XC-150, XC-250 Field kitchen
Product Description

Military bunner stove field mobile stove trailer accessories .

camping stove MFK250 Burner system

which can be use for XC-150 XC-250 MFK-250 mobile field kitchen

and can be use seperately for camping stove .

Easy to handle ,easy to use.


-for military field cooking
-for camping cooking
-serve 150 people meals

Each set to contain;

2 (two) x diesl cooking burners using vapourised diesl fuel as the heat source.

The burners must be able to fit into a Mobil Field Trailer Kitchen similar to the

MFK250. Be not more than 15.cm high, 40cm long, 22cm wide. The burner head

is expected to have a diameter of 15cm. The burner should have a telescopic

handle of at least 16cm.

The output is to be a min of 8kw per burner, with an expected operating time of

4hours between fills.They are to be complete with fuel lighting wick and a pricker

for the fuel jet. These should be attached to the burner for easy access and storage

during operations.

4 x Armoured removable fuel lines 1m each in length.

1 x fuel tank with a capacity of 8 to 11lts. And a working pressure of 0.1 – 0.4Mps.

The tank is to have;

  • 2 (two) fuel outlet valves.
  • 1 air intake valve
  • 1 air release valve
  • 1 pressure gauge.

Air Pump.

1 x air pump to pressurize the fuel tank.

This should be a stirrup type pump capable of producing 6Mps minimum of pressure.

The cylinder should be made of heavy duty polycarbonate or metal with a diameter

of 4mm with a 2mm piston also made from heavy duty polycarbonate or metal.

The piston guide at the top of the cylinder should prevent any lateral movement of the

piston while pumping air.

4 assorted nozzle/adapters for air intake valves to include a bicycle clip on style.


Each set it to have 2 (two) vapourising coils in addition to the one in each burner.

2 (two) complete sets of all washers, pressure springs and gaskets.


Each set is to be complete with all tools in sizes required for maintenance, expected to

be a minimum of;

  • 1 x Cross head screwdriver
  • 1 x Flat head screwdriver
  • 1 x Adjustable spanner (wrench).
  • Complete set of operating instructions in English and French.

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