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CS paintball game netting/forest camouflage net

  • Fujian, China
  • hifa
  • forest camouflage net
  • white,snow,desert,wooldand,forest
  • light weight multi-applicants
Product Description

Paintball game netting

military camouflage netting

woodland forest hunting lind

Garden net shadow net

green camouflage net

ceiling decoration netting sunshade screen for home decorations


There are forest, desert,sea and snowfield style available.
Performance indicators are as follows:
1,Material:Polyester Oxford.
2,Size:can be customised
3,Color:can be customised
4,Finishing:Bound to nylon mesh netting for strength and tyingand Reinforced edges
5,Weight: <140g/m2.
6,Operating life: 2 years outdoor.
7,Storage period: 10 years.
8,Environment -40~+50°C.


1, military equipments and projects ect.
2, military theme bars, military store decoration and military enthusiasts.

3, restaurants, parks, house decoration,
4, military film props and stage background installations
5, bird-watching,hunting

6, paintball games,sniper.

Product Display:

A very long history to manufacture the camouflage netting fabric to supply military activity and civil activity use.

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Xiamen Hifa Stonexp Co.,Ltd is established in the year of 2008, as government authorized manufacturer and exporter of military logistic and security products. The major products are :Military and Police Uniform and accessories ,camouflage net and camouflage suit, body armour and helmets, Mobile Field Kitchen Equipment and Accessories.


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