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Aluminium FIRST AID KITS box

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Product Description

Aluminium FIRST AID KITS box
1.with straps for hanging and securing kit.
2.L= 330 mm, W=145 mm, H= 115 mm,
weight = 2 Kg.
3. Kit should be able to cater for 4 -6 people.
4. Kit should have basics like First aid manual,
Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes,
Assorted sizes of safety pins,
Cleansing agent/soap,
Latex gloves (2 pairs),Sunscreen,
2-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6),
4-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6),
Triangular bandages (3),Nonprescription drugs,
2-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls),
3-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls),
Scissors,Tweezers,Needle, Antiseptic,
Thermometer,Tongue depressor blades (2),
Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant
*CE Certificate available

Product parameters

Product name First aid kit
Color Silvery
Material alumimum

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