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250 persons military mobile cooking trailer

  • Fujian, China
  • Catchin
  • XC-250
  • cook set,tableware,kitchenware

Product Description

mobile field cooking trailer military mobile kitchen trailer

a flexible field kitchen system;

used for catering in regoinswith missing or incomplete infrastructure ;

for preparation of up to 150 or 250 meals within 1 hour.

Quickly ready for use .

Cooking methods are steaming, boiling,stewing, frying and

deep frying, etc

This is a uniaxial mobile kitchen trailer, the main use is in the field of food production environment, under different configurations, to be completed boiled, fried, baked and other operations.

* Total Quality 2200Kg

* The equipment of staple food processing 105L
* Roaster/Ovens 69L

* Frying pan 65L
* Tents

* Tire
* Chimney

* Van workbench

The equipments of the staple food processing are composed by the two square cookstoves ,are mainly used for the production of rice, two sets of staple food processing equipment can be produced 45kg rice each time . Pots are used by SUS304 .Its volume rose to 105L. Each of the two pot with a pan, the pot size is 32 and materials are SUS304.Rice production time is 45 minutes.

Frying pan is used for frying food, with SUS304 stainless steel production, the capacity of 65 liters. Equipped with two missed baskets, used to put the food produced .

Roaster/Oven Internal size (mm): 750×460×200
The oven can be placed within four pallets, trays with a total area of 1.5 square

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